Fine and Effective Results for the Truck Rental

Moving alone implies many constraints, both organizational and budgetary. And who says moving, says hiring a truck. To avoid digging your budget, here are some tips to limit fees.

Practical tips to save on rental rates

Moving alone is 1,000 $ savings compared to a move with a pro. But before renting a truck , you must first know what you are going to put there: boxes, furniture, both? A truck too small is round trips and more. Too big a truck is lost space. In both cases, it is money wasted. Some sites like allow you to calculate the volume of your furniture.

Most of the moves are on weekends. But moving the week has its advantages, especially on the price of renting your truck. Cheaper than Saturday, you can save between 40 and 60 $ anyway! So avoid weekends, end of the month and school holidays. Using the truck rental services Singapore is essential here.

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The landlord did not return your deposit (deposit)? Get his refund!

Rent a utility with a classic agency

When we think about truck rental, we generally turn to the conventional agencies, such as Europcar or Avis. If your choice is on these, prefer to rent your utility online, you will save between 10 and 20%!

For example:  Rent a 12m³ utility from Saturday, August 20 to Monday, August 22, 2011 with taking possession in Singapore. (Prices vary from one date to another and are only indicative.)

With truck: 200km package: 175 $ with online payment, 190 $ payment by agency.

Do not forget the famous discount codes that will allow you to get an extra discount!

Rent your truck at supermarket chains

Less expensive than in conventional rental agencies, they offer packages, ranging from a few hours to a few days, coupled with a mileage package. Account 139 $ at Carrefour for a utility of 12m³ for two days with a 400km package, and 144 $ with System U, about 30 $ less than a rental in a conventional agency. The landlord did not return your deposit (deposit)? Get his refund!

The little tips for finding a cheap utility vehicle

You surely know a craftsman or a farmer in your commune who owns a utility. Ask him to lend it to you for a small fee and the payment of fuel. Try also with your loved ones, they surely know some people likely to have a small truck, the word of mouth as well as the mutual help, there is only that of true!

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