How to Use Car Insurance Premium Calculator Online?

Buying a car usually at the top of the priority list of most of us. While it is the need for some, others want the same. Irrespective of that, it requires a rather high investment, only after a house or property. Thus, it makes absolute sense to protect it against all possible issues that one can think of. And when you start to think, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. For an instance, there are natural calamities then man-made calamities, accidents, etc.

The smarter option is to buy a car insurance policy and get peace of mind free along with it. Apart from offering you the much needed protection against a lot of potential issues, it also ensures you get legal clearance to drive your car. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates all vehicles to have a valid insurance to ply on the roads.

Before you actually go ahead and buy a car insurance, there are a few parameters that you should be aware of. These help in deciding the premium of your car insurance.

  • Residence of the policy holder
  • IDV
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Engine’s cubic capacity
  • Year of manufacturing

While it is true that one must be aware of these parameters, there is no need to break your head over them. You can make use of car insurance premium calculator available on several websites to help you during the purchase. A car insurance premium calculator factors in all of the parameters and let you know the final premium that you ought to pay to the insurer.

Is it Easy to Calculate Premium Online?

Car insurance premium calculator is without any doubt one of the easiest tools available out there. Most of the websites expect some basic details from your end. Once you key in these details, they quickly calculate the premium that you must pay for the policy and present it to you. Should you use the right platform, this is also a great place to save some money.

Since a car insurance premium calculator is an online tool, you can play around with some of the parameters and see how that impacts the actual premium. All of this, without you ever having to speak with an insurance agent or representative from an insurer. Once you are happy with the premium that you see, you can proceed with buying the policy.

Here are some of the advantages of using a car insurance premium calculator.

  • Convenience

It makes the entire process that much easier for both new buyers and experienced buyers. Since you know about the different components and parameters, you learn a bit more about the policy as well.

  • Unbiased Call

Since you are using an online calculator, you can tinker around with the parameters and take your own sweet time. This ensures that you are not forced or hasted into taking a decision regarding your car insurance policy.

  • Comparison

Most of the insurers these days offer a car insurance premium calculator on their website. If they do not, you can approach a comparison website and use their calculators. This way, you can compare the premiums offered by various insurers on and choose one that fits into your budget.

Steps to Use The Online Premium Calculator

As already mentioned, using a car insurance premium calculator is a relatively easy activity. You just need to be aware of a few things or have a couple of documents handy and you are ready to go. As a potential policy buyer, you can either approach the website of an insurer or comparison websites like for the same. The process remains more or less the same.

Once you get access to a car insurance premium calculator, the following are some of the basic information that you might be asked to enter.

  • Vehicle Details

Details such as whether you are the owner or it is a company owned vehicle, along with the registration date and city of registration. You also need to enter the manufacturer of the vehicle along with the specific model.

  • Insurance

If you are renewing a policy, you can enter those details as well.

  • Coverage

Insurers expect details such as IDV of the vehicle along with any other accessories in this segment. You can also pick up riders in this section and see how that impacts the premium.

Once you have entered all of these details, you can click on the calculate premium option. A car insurance premium calculator makes the life of a potential buyer much easier.

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