Is black smoke coming from car exhaust?

Is black smoke coming from car exhaust? Check out the symptoms of failing fuel pressure regulator and replace car parts online to maintain your car’s driveability.

Are you facing engine performance issues of your car? Does it give you headaches while getting started or it does not start at all? Before you head towards the expensive car professionals, check out what you need to know about some important engine parts like fuel pressure regulator.

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First let’s read about fuel pressure regulators and their working before moving ahead towards their bad symptoms.

Car Fuel pressure regulator

Fuel pressure regulator is an important car engine’s component which is found in almost every vehicle. For appropriate fuel atomization, constantly pressurized fuel is to be supplied. How is this adequate fuel pressure maintained?

Well, its the job of fuel pressure regulator to maintain adequate pressure of fuel in almost every fuel driven car. For smooth running of vehicle, the fuel injectors which are installed to inject right amount of fuel by increasing or decreasing the fuel flow accordingly, need an exact amount of fuel pressure for injection. Fuel pressure regulator maintains that pressure for the injector to inject correctly pressurized fuel.

Fuel pressure regulators used vacuum but some modern vehicles come equipped with electronic fuel pressure regulator. The pressure amount is pre set in order to get the exact amount of fuel pumped for the operation of car.

The pressure is maintained in spring when the fuel is pumped and the extra fuel from the tank is sent back from fuel return line. It is the job of vacuum hose to decrease the pressure level of fuel so that a very small amount of fuel is sucked inside the regulator when the vehicle is left idle.

Where are they located? Well, their place may differ from vehicle to vehicle. But all the fuel pressure regulators work with similar mechanism and produce same output. There is different place prescribed for fuel pressure regulators. You can consider your car’s manual to find the exact location of fuel pressure regulator.

The cylindrical metallic object connected to the fuel rail around the car engine is the fuel pressure regulator. It has vacuum hose attached to it which provides extra pressure against the spring.

Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Symptoms

What will cause the error in fuel pressure regulator? Moreover, how will you identify if something is wrong with it? Most of us are oblivious of symptoms or indications and this is how we end up damaging more than one car part and shed our money on expensive car parts repairs.

If you notice any of the following, get the fuel pressure regulator replaced ASAP.

Are you facing engine’s performance issues? For example, is it misfiring a lot or a reduction in power and acceleration is being experienced? You are probably having a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator which is disturbing the pressure of fuel and hence engine’s air fuel ratio is being altered which is responsible for overall performance issues of engine of your vehicle.

Another engine related problems could be bad engine starting or difficulty while starting the engine. You should get your car’s oil filter checked or replaced while going for scheduled maintenance of your car but also don’t forget to check the pressure regulator because in that way, you will be able to know if you need new fuel pressure regulator or not.

Black smoke is the easiest thing to detect. Bad fuel pressure regulator would definitely change the color of gases out of exhaust i.e. grey or black. It is another sign that your engine is suffering the after-effects of bad fuel pressure regulator. This is generally because of leaky fuel pressure regulator may cause the black smoke to appear out of tail pipe which will hamper the air fuel ratio and hence your car’s mileage and fuel efficiency are drastically effected.

If the spark plug looks blackened, then it’s a sign that the faulty fuel pressure regulator is letting the engine burn more oil at that head. In this case, you might need to check the working of spark plugs too. There might be two repairs and maintenance services on your way.

Leaks are enemies of your car and same goes with fuel pressure regulator. If the diaphragm or seal of fuel pressure regulator fails, the leaks might accumulate on it causing potential hazards. You might smell gas leaks which is not good.

It is very important to maintain car’s fuel pressure regulator, in order to gain optimized performance out of car’s engine. After all, car’s engine is heart of your car.

If you detect stammering by engine while starting, rough idling, misfiring, power reduction, waste no time in getting the problem of fuel pressure regulator, engine or spark plugs solved by a trusted professional.

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