Need A Reliable Used Car? Check Out These Five Trusty Picks

When you’re looking for reliable used cars for sale, the search process can be overwhelming. In Rochester alone, there are thousands of used cars available at any given time. Keep your eyes open for these trusted and true used cars in your search- they’ll give you the best bang for your buck. 

– Toyota Corrolla- Believe it or not, 80% of the Corrollas sold ten years ago are still on the road today. These trusty cars are one of the most reliable choices you can make when purchasing a vehicle. 

– Mazda Miata- These sporty little convertibles are often kept in tip top shape by prior owners. Miatas are typically stored in garages, keeping them in pristine condition for many years. Owners of these cars talk about how well they run and how much fun they are to drive. 

– Honda CR-V- Looking for a small SUV that will last for years? The CR-V is known for it’s impressive gas mileage and it’s ability to continue running beyond 200,000 miles. 

– Hyundai Elantra- The 2002 model of the Elantra was sold with a 10-year warranty, allowing prior owners to keep the car in great shape without having to shell out a lot of cash. Hyundai is consistently recognized as one of the most reliable car brands. That makes the Elantra one of the best maintained used vehicles on the market. 

– Acura Integra- Owners praise this car for it’s sporty look, ability to handle inclement winter weather, and the pure joy of driving a car that handles so easily. It’s responsive transmission makes this a go-to model for people who feel the need for speed.


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