Perfect usage of fort lift Singapore for you

Working efficiently with a forklift truck is not in keeping the gas/driving pedal as far as possible. Working efficiently is partly due to the correct use of a forklift truck.Here are specialist practical tips for forklift truck drivers and for participants who are preparing for the NKIT.

Practical tips for forklift drivers


When we use terms like ‘speed’, ‘time limit’, clocks, etc. in the context of driving with a forklift truck, we tend to associate these terms with pushing the drive / accelerator as far as possible. However, these terms should have a completely different meaning on an NKIT, but also on a workplace. Working ‘fast’ with a lift truck is directly related to efficient work. In that term, all aspects of working with a forklift truck are used, so that ‘speed’ takes on a completely different meaning than taking A to B in as short a time as possible.

Technical operations

Working efficiently with a forklift truck is not in keeping the gas / driving pedal as far as possible. Working efficiently has a part to do with the correct use of a forklift truck, the technical aspect (including the relevant knowledge). Such as performing technically correct actions, following safety rules, performing maintenance correctly, etc.

Between the ears

The other part of efficient work is ‘between the ears’ of the forklift Singapore driver; looking ahead in actions, in correctly assessing situations, in consciously taking acceptable risks, in dealing with stress situations, and in bearing responsibility for people, material and material. You often see that the technical part is in order. But what about ‘between the ears’? Does the forklift driver have the right mental attitude that can be expected from a professional? Can he, especially under pressure, still perform the (technical) actions in combination with responsibility for man, material and material?

Atwork place and at competition

The above two components are inextricably linked; one cannot do without the other, if you want to achieve the goal of working efficiently. This applies to both the workplace and a competition such as the NKIT. If a certain time limit is given during the NKIT, then this time limit is set in such a way that the participant who drives efficiently can easily complete the relevant assignment within the stipulated time.

Relevant experience

It can be assumed that the participants who register for the NKIT will in any case be professionals, with sufficient relevant forklift experience. Yet you can see that there are participants who cannot finish an assignment within the time limit, or who just “ride” against a position. Does this then have to do with insufficient technical skills? Or too little preparation? Could, but is not likely.

The profession of forklift driver is too risky to be carried out on autopilot.

It is a constant assessment of situations; what is possible and what is no longer possible within the applicable regulations and capacity of the forklift truck, and yes.There also belongs to more or less pressing of the accelerator / accelerator pedal if the situation allows this in the eyes of the skilled person.

These are the matters that you need to be aware of now for the proper works regarding the forklift. This is the perfection that you can have the smartest options now. This is the matter that you can be sure about.

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