Some Handy Tips for your Car’s Health!

Taking care of your car with utmost care every day is very important. It is not only the time during the break-in period that you should care about. A careful driving is no better than a reward, as you do not have to go for a repair more often. Let’s go through some handy driving tips to save ourselves from hovering around a repair shop most of the times.

  • Do not race the engine of your car at the time of start-up. This is a great way to add few more years to your engine, particularly if there is cold outside.
  • Slow acceleration is good when you just start your car. It has been found that most of the wear and tear of the engine takes place during the first 10-20 minutes.
  • If you are thinking that warming up of the car’s engine on the driveway by keeping it idle is a good idea, then you must know you are totally wrong. The engine of any car does not function at its maximum temperature and this result in unfinished fuel combustion, deposition of soot on the walls of the cylinder, contamination of oil, and eventually it will result in damaging various engine components of your car also it can deteriorate your exhaust system or cooling/heating of AC.
  • Do not create a strain on the engine and for the automatic transmission by moving to neutral at every red light, because even though the car is stopped the engine of the car is working in order to push the car.
  • You should not drive at very high speeds and simultaneously accelerate fast, particularly when it very cold or very hot outside. This type of driving habits will result in regular repairs of your car.
  • Driving carefully will also extend your tires life. You must follow the recommended speed limits, especially on the highway. Do not ever starts, stop, or turn your vehicle very quickly. You should also avoid any potholes or any objects that are lying on the road. Drive slowly on the curbs. Take care that your tire should not hit the curb when you are parking.
  • While you are turning the steering wheel, you should take care that it should not go to the extreme left or right positions for over few seconds. If you do so it will damage the pump of your power-steering.
  • Driving in fewer traffic hours will also help your car engine to live a healthier life.

A right approach towards driving is more satisfying rather than to have hush-hush rush everywhere. It’s not just about emergencies or safety; it’s all about you too. So, next time when you are out to drive your car just don’t forget to follow these baby step to ensure that you are going to take care of your car and yours too.

Happy and Safe Driving!

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