What is a Powerglide Transmission?

Powerglide transmissions were first discovered in the year 1950; they were shiftless automatic transmission developed by Chevrolet. The year 1962, it was redesigned,and the new version was developed that had a 14 bolt pan that was square. The main case of the transmission was changed to the metal aluminum; the next change was made 1962 itself when they adopted a two-speed shifter model.

Vehicles you can see the powerglides, where they were used as stock equipment –

There were several Chevrolet cars and trucks that usedtwo-speed aluminum powerglides as the stock equipment. The models that they were used in included full-size cars 1963 through 1971 and also the 6 cylinder cars of 1972. Another modelincluded Chevelle and Malibu 1964-1972, it also included Corvette 1962-1967, Monte Carlo 1970-1972.

Today, people are looking for more gears in their vehicles for better transmission. The automatic transmissions are three-speed overdrive that has five, six and even included seven-speed automatics. However, the Powerglide with a short length and standard bolt pattern is a good choice for easy adaptability. There are low rear gear vehicles that are reallygood choices for quarter-mile cars for better performances.

Working of Powerglides –

Powerglides can also be affixed with the help of a donor vehicle the only thing that is required however is the floor shifter and bellhousing for easy installation. One should also determine the engine size before the process starts. The internal transmission parts are based on the engine size and the main reason people go for it because it will handle a better rpm. The Powerglide that were built before 1968 had only a rear pump along with the front pump. Using powerglides are undoubtedly an experience that one can enjoy in their riding hence most people do it, but servicing it from the right person is highly important.

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