Why You Should Not Overload Your Roof Rack

offroad roof racks are a prime addition to any truck or van. They provide additional carrying space for your car when you’re off to the great outdoors. However, this can tempt you into packing a whole lot more than you can carry. There are several reasons why you should not overload your roof rack. Here are some of them:

Accidents will happen. An overloaded roof rack is an accident just waiting to happen. Properly packed, your items will be secure, but with too much weight they still have to follow the rules of inertia. This means if you move too fast or stop too quickly, things will fall off or get thrown. You won’t like broken windshields because of too heavy loads.

Your car roof supports it. All that weight has to be supported by something. If your car was a solid block of metal, that would not be a problem. However, a car roof is not as strong. When you load too much, the car roof has a chance of buckling under the weight.

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Legal and insurance issues. Your car insurance often has specific clauses about what it protects your car from. One of these is that a car has to be roadworthy. Being overloaded specifically removes your car from that state. Additionally, if an accident happens because of your overloading, you will be liable for it.

Driving troubles. A large amount of weight on your roof rack means that your car will have a higher center of gravity. This is pretty important since this affects how your car will move on the road. It makes it harder to control. Plus, side bumps can be a whole lot more dangerous. A single harsh bump can have your entire car flipping over.

How To Avoid Overloading

Now that you’re aware of the dangers, you need to know how to avoid it. This means you need to know exactly how much your roof rack can carry. To determine this, you should simply ask the salesman that you brought the racks from. Most modern rack manufacturers know the specifics of weight distribution to a T. They should also be able to give you tips on how to properly load up the particular rack.

Not all racks are made equal though. When you’re out looking for offroad roof racks, ask specifically about several factors. First, you’ll want to ask about weight capacity and how their weight distribution is. Efficient weight distribution allows you to spread out the weight properly and carry more. But there are limits though so ask for the weight limit and stay within them. Next, you’ll want to ask about mounting points. This is where all those hooks and ties are attached. The more of them that are available, the better. This ensures your baggage is secure. Finally, you’ll want to look at how they are attached to your roof. The ones that are closer to your roof the rack is, the better the support it gets.

Overall, choose your roof rack well and take care of it to get the most out of it.
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